Gateway Director on a recent visit to a BIPV project in Germany

Gateway Clean Energy (Africa) Ltd. is pleased to introduce you to the  new BIPV Solar Technlogy from  our fast expanding range of

Renewable energy products.  

The Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) market is a growing sector in the environmental search for continued energy-saving

 building materials. Already a segment of the expanding Photovoltaics (PV) market, BIPV will become a popular way to use solar energy to

 generate electricity for residential houses,Commercial buildings, centres,Institutions and much more.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics refers to the photovoltaic (PV) materials that structurally serve as building exteriors, such as roof,

façade and skylight. These materials are used for both on-grid

application and off-grid micro-generation. Through the use of the photovoltaic modules, solar energy is captured and then used to

 generate electricity. A BIPV system can be installed during the actual building phase of construction, as well as retrofitted at a later date.  


Different types of BIPV are being utilized for various purposes and appearances. Roof integrated systems integrate PV modules into each roof tile or wall. Façade integrated system, can act as a rain screen, which offsets other building component costs. Semi-transparent or transparent installations can allow for some of the light to enter for day-lighting or viewing. Retrofit roof or façade are not built into the building during construction, which can make result of their late addition to the building.

 BIPV can be used as a shading device at the front of buildings or Car ports, whether added during or after the building process. This method is highly efficient, depending on the type of PV modules using.  


The generated electricity can be translated directly to the mains supply system, thus being marketed to the large suppliers, or be used for personal consumption (isolated system). All these methods can result in a 25-40% reduction of the energy consumed by a building.

 Depending upon the orientation of the façade, building location, and the photovoltaic technology implemented, the electricity produced by our system in just one square metre can vary between 20-40 kW/h per annum; sufficient energy to supply up to 10,000 hours of light from 20W energy saving light bulbs.

A BIPV Apartment block
A BIPV processing unit
A BIPV office building

 Gateway BIPV systems are designed and come with the latest technology; module temperature sensors that measure the temperature of photovoltaic modules,the irradiation sensors used for professional monitoring of a solar system and determines the expected yield of a Solar system and compare it to the actual yield. 


Contact Clara on email:; telephone: +254-20-2306998  for a free presentation of our technology, site assessment and an appraisal, containing a proposition of implementation of this cutting edge technology. The appraisal will allow your organisation or institution to analyze the feasibility of the project, together with all the necessary information: estimated cost and estimated generation,pay-back time,internal rate of return and others.